• House of Luk

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    Three lives are about to change ... three fortunes are about to unfold ... three cookies are about to be eaten ...

    House of Luk is more than just a Chinese Restaurant. It's where people talk about their problems, fall in love and learn about life. Follow the comic mis-adventures of three men as they figure out what it means to eat at the House of Luk. Marshall Cotton (Dan Lalande), is a balding, middle-aged down-and-out salesman who's always selling the wrong thing - including his ex-wife! Ho Fook Lao (John Ng) is a bumbling Feng Shui Consultant whose life is in constant dis-harmony until he meets the woman of his dreams. Problem is, she's a lesbian. Chuck Warden (Pierre Brault) is a building contractor who lives with his silent mother and emotionally distant son. Desperate to bring harmony into his home - he discovers a very special musical way of reaching out to his family and communicating the love he feels for them. Lording over them all is Kwang Luk (Pat Morita - The Karate Kid), the restaurant's Buddha-like proprietor who gives Marshall, Ho Fook and Chuck each a fortune cookie with a cryptic message. Is their Luk about to change?

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