• Future Visions comic Volume 1 Issue 1

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    By Steven Moretti with artwork by Dan Nosella

    Will you change the future, or will it change you?

    Future Visions #1 :A new comic series by Steven Moretti. Art by Dan Nosella

    Bryan Thompson is struggling to break free of his government job, and trying desperately to save his doomed marriage. His wife Rachel, has her own obsessions - money and the need to be the absolute center of attention.
    Rachel's boss Nicholas is funding development of a pair of glasses that can see up to one hour into the future. Trouble is, he needs the computing power provided by the computer network that Bryan manages. Rachel helps out by loaning Bryan's laptop, and access to the network, to Nicholas and his brother Sergei so they can get the glasses working.
    Sergei also runs the adult cabaret, The Bare Foxes, and Rachel wants to dance there - and become their star attraction - "Adara, The Virgin Dream".  She's a big hit on her first night, while Bryan's at home trying to figure out why his marriage is falling apart.
    Meanwhile in lab of Contax Optical - the future vision glasses get a dose of computing power when Sergei delivers Bryan's laptop to Petre - creator of the glasses. Access to the network provides the computing power he needs to get the glasses working - almost....
  • Future Visions comic Volume 1 Issue 1
  • Future Visions comic Volume 1 Issue 1

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